Thursday, July 24, 2008

beam me up, scotty!

I am teaching at a preschool summer camp called "Space Monsters, Inc." with, incidentally, my favorite Monster (Monica). It's fun to get to hang out with a different age group since I'm used to being around second graders. These little munchkins are SO funny! Today one of the other teachers was about to read a book about the moon and asked the kids what they thought the moon was made of. We had a wide range of answers, ranked by the "level of amusement" factor:

6. rocks
5. moon dust
4. cement
3. mint
2. play dough

and the winner was............
1. moontato!!!

That's right, just to confirm she had heard correctly, the other teacher said, "Like a potato?" The child nodded gravely.

I love preschool.


Misfit said...

Oh, to see the universe through the eyes of a child just one more time! Better yet, oh to see God through the eyes of a child!