Thursday, August 6, 2009

long way home

As I noted on facebook, I am feeling a little bit brilliant because I just maneuvered a tricky way home from downtown Dallas, IN rush hour traffic, WITHOUT getting lost. If you know me, you know this is nothing short of a miracle. I am enjoying a celebratory glass of ice water from my favorite elephant glass and just finished my "didn't get lost" dance because I didn't get lost. Well, I did get lost wandering around a hospital for 20 minutes, trying to find my friend's room, but that was in a building, and you can't get in a wreck due to being lost in a building. Even if you did, what better place to get in a wreck? Am I right? So all in all, I think this is pretty spectacular. And now off to do some of that phonics homework. Maybe the grammar part will teach me how to write without using prepositions so excessively.