Wednesday, April 14, 2010

poor pitiful puppy

I have come to the realization that because I've been busy doing things like working and catching up on season 5 of Lost and not sleeping and Being the Most Tired Person in the History of the World, I haven't posted in eons. Soooo.... my brain is pretty fried, but here are a couple miscellaneous things.

Callie broke her toe, heaven only knows how, on Friday. Our best guess is that she was flinging her body crazily against the fence, as she is wont to do, in hot pursuit of a squirrel on a tree limb several yards above her head, and jammed her toe on the fence. The broken toe has hardly slowed her down. She's still chasing squirrels (crazy) and running on three legs (impressive) but wearing a splint and bandage (a little pitiful but not as bad as the first few days when we also had her wear a cone. I'm sparing her the embarrassment of posting such a pitiful picture).