Thursday, July 1, 2021

all bodies are good bodies


Maybe instead of lamenting weight changes during traumatic seasons, we could practice saying, “This is the body that carried me through such a difficult time. Thank you.”

Self-love and self-compassion can extend to these miraculous bodies we inhabit. Our bodies carry the joys, trauma, and scars of surviving in a beautiful, painful world. 

When we struggle to offer ourselves compassion in this space, let us remember that it can be an uphill battle to fight against systems and cultural messages that abound everywhere we turn, telling us which bodies are beautiful, admirable, and worthy. There’s grace in the acknowledgment of the enormity of the task set before us.

I’m working to hold the tension in remembering that I’m not just my body, but I can marvel at this body I’ve been given. It is the dwelling place of the Holy—a place where the secular and sacred meet. 
Even when I have been unwell and felt that my body was betraying me, it paved the way for an intimacy with and dependence on God that I had never experienced before.

May you find peace with the Holy dwelling place you’ve been given in the body you inhabit.